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Johnston Beam Road Sweeper Hire

UBU Environmental | General Johnston Beam Road Sweepers

The UBU Environmental Ltd Johnston Beam is a versatile Sweeper capable of covering large areas and with extensive water storage capacity. Capable of sweeping runways, car parks, taxiways and aprons, as well as clearing large flooded areas of melt water and clearing drains – proving its Multitask capability.

Our Johnston Beam Road Sweeper features;


Leaf Sweeper

Rotorcleaner System

The Rotatilt function of the channel brush precisely angles the brush both laterally and longitudinally.

Asphalt Planer

Description TBA

Channel Brush

Channel brushes feature trailing arms that minimise the risk of damage on collision with kerbs or other obstructions.

Brush Behind

The brush sits immediately behind the nozzle to enable rapid pick up at very low auxiliary engine rpm, reducing both fuel cost and noise.

Side Sliding Brush

The channel brush and nozzle extend up to 400mm enabling the machine to keep away from the edges of a freshly laid surface.

Simple Scraper

Mounted behind the front wheel, the simple scraper lifts compacted mud and debris from the surface.

Full Width Scraper

A full width scraper under the body of the chassis.

Edge Cutter

Edge cutter cutting back encroaching verge, maintaining road width and preventing surface damage.

Pivoting Roller Brush

The front mounted roller brush is ideal for brushing freshly milled asphalt onto the unmilled section. It can also be used for brushing snow.

Weed Rip Brush

For tough jobs a weed rip brush, 750mm side sliding (can also be interchanged with the edge cutter).

Front Mounted Brush

For the ultimate in reach and flexibility, the front mounted 1100mm brush (1100mm side sliding).

Detergent Options

Detergent system options for grease and oil spill removal. Front mounted detergent spray bar for stand-alone dispersal. Variable dosing system to control the dilution of the detergent by mixing with water.

Full Width Nozzle

Rear or mid mounted, the full width suction unit features two articulated rubber-lined nozzles which, in combination with a choice of high pressure water systems, offers optimum surface cleansing increasing surface friction levels and providing safer driving conditions. Side suction pods minimise the spill of water.


Available in 150 and 200mm diameters, this rigid, turntable-mounted hose with a flexible extension enables cleaning over a wide 3.35m radius.

Johnston Beam Specification

  • Voided air volume - 9m3
  • Typical chassis GVW - 18 tonne
  • Typical chassis layout - 4x2
  • Water volume standard - 2420 litres
  • Water volume with rear suction - 2020 litres
  • Swept width - Almost 4 metres

Areas Covered

UBU Feature ListUBU Environmental Limited are based in manchester with excellent motorway networks. For a full list of our Johnston Beam Road Sweeping Areas Covered - Click Here

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