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UBU Environmental Ltd is committed to securing the Health and Safety of all our employees, customers and the public and we constantly review and update our policies and procedures.

We employ an independent Health and Safety advisor who audits our risk assessments and method statements on a weekly basis, and we have a proactive approach towards accident prevention.

All our Roadsweepers are fitted with reversing cameras and monitors and all our operators complete an annual Health and Safety Refresher course as part of our continuous review policy. We also constantly emphasise tbe value of full understanding and implementation of the Company Health and Safety Policy and our bespoke Health and Safety Handbook.

All our operators are supplied and trained in the use of their full PPE kit which includes High Visibility Coats, High Visibility waistcoats, boots, goggles, ear defenders, gloves, first aid kit, and Hard Hats.

UBU & TJ Murphy Ltd produces a quarterly newsletter, which is distributed to all our staff and the key focus of this literature is Health and Safety awareness.We hold a current competence qualification through the Waste Management Industry and Training Board (WAMITAB). We are committed to minimising any negative effects we have on the environment. Preventing pollution, waste and ensuring protection of the local wildlife and nature is a responsibility all of our employees have. We continue to work with and comply with guidelines issued by the Environment Agency and other organisations.

All of our employees are required to conduct their own risk assessments to ensure the highest level of health and safety at work, in addition to our long standing health and safety policies. UBU environmental will take all practical steps to ensure that potential hazards and risks to the environment are identified and that suitable and effective prevention and control measures are implemented.

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