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General Road Sweeper Hire

UBU Environmental | General Road Sweepers

UBU Environmental Ltd offers both self drive and operated Roadsweeper Hire to all areas of the construction and cleaning community.

As most of our work covers both municipal street cleansing and heavier duty work, we have found the Johnston VT650 range to be most efficient in both performance and efficiency, and as such the V range represents over 80% of our fleet.

From personal experience we find that the V Range delivers consistently high pick-up performance when collecting both road planings and inert waste from construction sites and access roads.

Roadsweeping Services

  • Roadsweeping
  • Construction Site Cleaning,
  • Gully Sucking,
  • Road Resurfacing Preparation & After Cleaning
  • Post Event Cleaning
  • Car Park Cleaning
  • Leaf Collection
  • High Pressure Jetting
  • Dust Suppression
  • Motorway Maintenance
  • Airside Cleaning
  • Plant Watering
  • Self Drive
  • Interior Warehouse Cleaning

Our Sweepers

Available in dual or single sweep configuration, the maximum 3.6m swept path ensures superb coverage per hour - and with high capacity hoppers, water systems and fuel tanks, the V Range is designed to stay at work for longer which means you get more value for money! Mounted to the subframe, the hydraulically operated sweeping system is designed to prolong the life of the brush and reduces the cost of ownership. Both channel and wide-sweep brush installations feature quick-change mechanisms which reduce downtime between changeovers.

All twin-engined VT Range sweepers are powered by a dedicated high performance auxiliary engine. The single engined VS Range utilises Johnston's hydrodrive gearbox which provides infinitely variable forward speed control.

All sweeping operations are controlled from the master module inside the cab, while all critical systems With a heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant stainless steel body, Johnston's V Range is robustly built for unrivalled durability.

Please note we also have a range of other cleaning vehicles which may be more suitable for your requirements. Please check our services

All UBU Sweepers come fitted as standard with the following items – There is NO extra charge for these options. Please just mention your specific requirements when booking your sweeper with the UBU Hire Desk.


A high pressure water system for faster cleaning of gulleys and drains using a hose and hand lance. Water can also be diverted to a front-mounted full-width spray bar or suction nozzle to help remove stubborn road debris.


Available in 150 and 200mm diameters, this rigid, turntable-mounted hose with a flexible extension enables cleaning over a wide 3.35m radius.

Load de-watering

With increases in waste tipping charges, this option ensures that you only pay for waste volume, not unnecessary water volume.

Water recirculation

This significantly increases sweeping productivity by allowing greater distances to be swept before the tank needs to be refilled. Water recirculation not available on VT/S500.

Rear Mesh Shakers

A fast and effective method of clearing damp paper and leaves from suction meshes.

VT650 Specifications

  • Overall Length - 4.205 m
  • Overall Width - 2.285 m
  • Overall Height - 3.330 m (chassis dependent)
  • Gross Vehicle Weight - 13.5 t
  • Fuel Capacity - 190 ltrs
  • Hopper Capacity - 6.5 m3
  • Payload - 6 t (chassis dependent)
  • Water Tank Capacity - 1300 L (+750L recirc option)
  • Low Volume High Pressure - 100 bar @ 30 litres p/m
  • High Volume Low Pressure - 3.5 bar @ 31 litres p/m
  • Min. chassis wheelbase - 3.105 m
  • GVW - 13-15 t (chassis dependent)
  • Maximum Sweep Width - 3.600 m

Areas Covered

UBU Feature ListUBU Environmental Limited are based in manchester with excellent motorway networks. For a full list of our Road Sweeping Areas Covered - Click Here

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